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Related Services

In recent years, as our experience has increased, Barry Lawson Associates has taken on a wider range of responsibilities for our clients.  These have typically complemented the three principal services we provide.  However, they are also important on their own, and have added excitement and challenge to the work we do for our clients. These services fall into the following areas:

Project Management
For several planning and research projects we have served as project coordinators or managers.  Typical responsibilities include budgeting, developing a strategic plan, organizing and managing small staff to carry out work, preparing progress reports, and, in some cases, undertaking fund-raising.

Occasionally we are called upon to undertake research on topics that often require survey work, economic and statistical analysis, and report writing.  This work builds on our academic background and experience in many different fields.  A more recent specialty is research (and training) using spreadsheets.  Barry Lawson's participation in the three-year Spreadsheet Engineering Research Program at Tuck Business School at Dartmouth has provided a solid background for this service.  We also engage associates skilled and experienced in management science to assist us in this work, when appropriate.

Since its inception, the firm has designed and presented training programs and workshops.  Many of these have been large scale programs delivered throughout the nation.  Today we tend to limit these programs to the skills associated with our three main services – facilitation, mediation and moderation – plus best spreadsheet design and use practices in business management and research analysis.

Simulation and Game Design
Barry Lawson has designed many games and simulations for training purposes, and the firm has used a variety of training exercises that simulate the types of decisions required by professionals in the environmental fields.  These powerful tools provide participants with an experience akin to on-the-job training in relatively low-risk situations.




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