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Barry Lawson Associates projects range in scope from small, one-day consultations and facilitated meetings to larger commitments on project of regional and national significance.  On one hand, we are proud of long-term relationships with non-profit and local and state government clients, many of whom request short-term strategy development sessions or our meeting moderation services for public policy issues. 

On the other hand, the firm supports longer-term (e.g., 6 to 48 month) projects that require strong project coordination, maintenance of open avenues for public information and input, and the development of public infrastructure and national policy.

Among the latter projects conducted over the years have been the following:

  • Nearly two dozen U.S. Department of Energy projects including:

    • The Crystalline Rock Repository high level nuclear waste disposal program in the eastern United States;

    • The Superconducting Super-Collider energy program;

    • The nuclear weapon Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program of the 1990s and its successor, the current Complex 2030 Program;

    • CERCLA (Superfund) and RCRA waste remediation and management programs at several sites in the nation;

    • National Stakeholder Workshops of the Worker and Community Transition Program for communities moving from heavy commitment to weapons-related economies to mixed industrial development; and

    • The Yucca Mountain Project, the Nevada-based facility being considered for the long-term storage of high-level nuclear waste from the nation’s nuclear power plants.

  • Other national and regional programs including support for:

    • The U. S. Army’s Defense Logistical Agency’s program to consider location options for the long-term secure storage of the nation’s mercury;

    • The New York State Energy and Research & Development Authority’s management of low-level radioactive waste;

    • The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority’s planning program for the implementation of highway improvements for the portion of the Turnpike approaching Boston from the west.

    • The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s planning and construction of a major secondary wastewater management facility on Boston Harbor, and a follow-up program for the management of residuals from that facility;

    • The U.S. Army’s series of national environmental forums regarding plans for the destruction of chemical weapons at various sites throughout the country;

    • A ten-year forest management plan for the State of Vermont, and U.S. Forest Service-sponsored public meetings on the planning and multiple-use management of the Green Mountain National Forest;

    • Mediating for the Vermont Water Resources Board a multi-party negotiation on possible changes to the water quality standards of the State; and

    • The Lake Champlain Basin Commission’s public meetings and focus groups to review the proposed draft plan for the basin and the development of implementation priorities for the Commission’s adopted 20-year plan.


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