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Facilitating Group Meetings

Barry Lawson Associates uses time-tested, impartial facilitation techniques and establishes a relaxed, focused atmosphere to make meetings and retreats productive.  Through a carefully designed process of interactive problem clarification, dialogue, alternatives development and decision-making, we encourage participants to work together to set goals and create organizational strategies.

Roles of the Facilitator

Our reputation is built on assuring the involvement of all participants in an enjoyable and productive dialogue resulting in solid agreements for implementation.

A non-profit organization challenged by limited funds asked Barry Lawson Associates to facilitate a strategic planning session for its staff and board of directors.  There were two principal concerns: addressing organizational/administrative challenges and setting priorities for projects.  We interviewed key personnel to get insight on the organization’s needs and then designed facilitated sessions to address the problems we found.  Material was prepared and assignments were given in advance to participants.  The facilitator presented a draft agenda and procedures for the facilitated sessions and sought consensus on the goals and agenda. 
The facilitator then assumed several roles – scout, cheerleader, flip chart recorder, devil’s advocate, catalyst and mediator – and used interactive exercises to encourage creative thinking and collaborative discussion. The facilitator worked to assure balanced participation and a relaxed tone. These sessions ended with a set of agreed-upon conclusions, next steps and staff responsibilities. 
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