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Rockefeller Center Presentation on Facilitation

In March 2008 Barry Lawson presented a short course on group facilitation to a group of Dartmouth College students associated with The Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences.  The course was a shortened version of Barry Lawson Associates training program for facilitators.  The students participating included those who hold leadership roles in many of the Center’s programs as well as some of the Center’s administrators.  In addition to the basic principles of group facilitation, the session focused on the many challenges that can arise in discussion sessions in an academic atmosphere.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center is dedicated to educating, training, and inspiring the next generation of public policy leaders, and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary on Dartmouth’s campus. It offers many opportunities for discussion and interaction with scholars, policymakers and political figures. Dartmouth students find a space that bridges their academic and personal lives. They engage in lunch or dinner discussions with peers, faculty and distinguished visitors and join organizations that focus on public affairs, public policy, law, leadership, social justice or politics. Some students enroll in the Public Policy Minor or the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange. More than 50 students receive funds each year to defray expenses for unpaid, leave-term public affairs and public policy internships or research-related opportunities.


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