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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Land Use Committee

About five years ago, ORNL considered the disposition of a significant portion of its land area in Tennessee as a conservation area to be conserved.  In order to coordinate this action with local Oak Ridge officials and regional organizations, Barry Lawson Associates facilitated monthly Land Use Planning Focus Group meetings for over one year to consider this proposal and to develop a land use plan for the 100-acre area in question.  In addition, to facilitating (and often mediating) discussions among the disparate group of committee members, Barry Lawson prepared a final report on the project.  Our work was undertaken as a subcontract with SAIC.  Some of the photos in this web site emanated from that project. For additional information you can access a PDF newsletter prepared for the project.

ORNL  Land UseThree members of the ORNL Land Use Committee looking at part of the study area.







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