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Lynn House of Potomac Valley, Inc. Retreat
Spring 2010

The Board and staff of Lynn House of Potomac Valley, Inc. held a retreat at Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia in the spring of 2010. The purpose of the retreat was to develop a foundation for a strategic plan for the nursing care organization - an ambitious goal, yet one that promised to set an important direction for the organization. A secondary purpose was to enhance teamwork at Lynn House; several aspects of the retreat were concerned with analyzing and discussing important team characteristics from the perspectives of the Board members and staff.

The facilitator for the retreat was Barry Lawson of Barry Lawson Associates. He also prepared a subsequent report to summarize the discussion and conclusions of the retreat.

The Lynn House Board had developed a set of goals and several aspects of the strategic plan provided focus for the retreat. Among them were the mission; goals; facilities; the community of visitors, clients and supporters; and the roles and contributions of staff and Board members. Retreat participants strove to develop a strategy for strengthening a foundation for providing excellent services, a warm and loving ambience for visitors, an enriching work environment for the staff, and an inspiring organization that generates support from the larger community.

An important focus of the retreat was teamwork, with emphasis on groups of people working together in harmony, recognizing and valuing the spiritual underpinnings of activity of the organization. In a unique interactive exercise the participants analyzed and discussed the importance and need for work on a range of aspects related to organizational teamwork.

The retreat provided an opportunity for Board and staff to collaborate on the elements of the plan, to listen to ideas, to open hearts and minds to a variety of ideas, and to reach tentative agreements on the mission, programs, and unresolved issues that require attention in order to develop fully a strategic plan.

Lynn House Retreat




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