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Indian Point (NY) Power Plant Independent Safety Review Panel

In April 2008 the Indian Point Independent Safety Review Panel held two public meetings to introduce Panel members and explain their upcoming work in conducting an Independent Safety Evaluation (ISE). The Panel introduced the study and those who will be analyzing specific aspects of power plant safety at the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan, NY.   Barry Lawson Associates served as moderator for the public meetings.

The Independent Safety Evaluation (ISE) is to be conducted by the distinguished experts selected for their unique qualifications and independence from Entergy Nuclear, the owner of the Indian Point plant. The ISE would supplement extensive evaluations already regularly conducted by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission through its reactor oversight process.

"Although repeated and continuous NRC assessments have concluded Indian Point is safe, we hope this independent evaluation will be another step in building public confidence in Indian Point's safety and security, and serving as a vital role in New York's energy future," said Michael Kansler, president and chief nuclear officer of Entergy Nuclear.  "We are taking the extra step of performing an independent safety evaluation to reassure the public that Indian Point is a safe and secure facility with acceptable plans in place to address an emergency."

The decision to perform an ISE came after the company listened to various constituencies and policymakers and conducted numerous focus groups in an effort to understand public concerns associated with Indian Point.

The four main elements of the ISE will include: safety, security, emergency preparedness and public policy.  A formal written report will be produced and made available to the public on a schedule to be determined by the Panel, most likely during the summer of 2008.

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