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Barre Opera House Retreat
Spring 2011
Barre, Vermont

The purpose of this retreat for the Board of Trustees and staff of the Barre Opera House (BOH) was to begin work on an organizational strategic plan. Barry Lawson of Barry Lawson Associates, served as retreat facilitator and set the stage for the session by suggesting how to view the plan, how it can be structured, and how it can be used to improve both the long- and short-term functioning of the Opera House. Lawson stressed the value of teamwork among and between staff and Board members. This meant open discussion with an aim to seeking consensus on the mission of the organization, priority issues, and steps required to develop and implement the strategy.

The retreat was focused primarily on setting a basis for a strategic plan and the group assumed that following the retreat the Board would continue to work toward a final plan.

In preparation for facilitating the retreat Barry Lawson explained his neutral and guiding role, and the ‘rules of the road’ he uses to get everyone involved and to keep the conversation on track. He also explained how he planned to seek agreement on problems and solutions. The group identified many issues and steps to address them. The participants set priorities for the plan and for the next steps in the strategic planning process. Lawson took notes during the retreat and subsequently prepared a report on the results and conclusions.

Barre Opera House Retreat


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