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Barry Lawson
For over thirty years Barry Lawson Associates has provided services to a wide range  of companies, organizations, municipalities, and departments of government.

Our facilitation and mediation services have helped many organizations develop strategic plans, set standards, and resolve rule-making and intergovernmental conflicts.  We have managed academic research projects and programs, a transportation system analysis, wildlife management projects, and the production of a watershed atlas.  We participated in a research project at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, strengthening our skills in using decision-making tools such as spreadsheets for research and project management purposes.  We have engaged in nuclear waste management projects for the Department of Energy, including the proposed nuclear waste repository in Nevada and the nation’s changing nuclear weapons program. 

Our Mission: Barry Lawson Associates strives to serve organizations in establishing strategic goals and plans, in designing, implementing, and managing effective programs, and in addressing challenging issues through research, teamwork and collaborative problem solving.  Additionally, through our group facilitation and public meeting moderation services we assist clients in achieving effective public outreach on controversial programs.

Barry Lawson Associates is a member of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.



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